An image of the NewHaptics team standing in front of their booth at CSUN, holding a prototype of their multiline braille display. From right to left, image includes Greg Pool, Alex Russomanno, Derek Joslin, Hrishi Rao, Sile O'Modhrain and Thomas Simpson.
NewHaptics CXO Sile O'Modhrain standing with Steve Wonder, both checking out NewHaptics's multiline braille display prototype.
NewHaptic's booth at 2024 CSUN Assistive Technology Conference. The booth is set up light in an L shape with two work-desks at each end. Each desk has a laptop and a multiline braille display prototype. There are green plants, flowers, and soft-lit lamps on the tables.
Hrishi Rao, UX researcher, explains functionalities of NewHaptics's prototype to a conference attendee at CSUN Assistive Technology Conference.
NewHaptics's CSUN booth with several conference attendees checking out prototypes.
Sile, our CXO, and Derek, our UX Engineer, seated at a desk using NewHaptics's multiline braille display prototype.