who we are

NewHaptics was founded in early 2018 with the goal of improving the lives of people who are blind by enabling true digital interaction using the sense of touch. The company has its roots in the "Holy Braille Project" funded by the  National Science Foundation that focused on using microfluidic technology to enable a full-page tactile display.

It's all about

the team

Alex Russomanno
Alex is a recent graduate from the Mechanical Engineering PhD program at the University of Michigan with a unique combination of experience in haptics and microfluidic device design and fabrication. Alex has been on a mission the last 18 months, traveling the country to better understand the challenges faced by blind people related to accessing tactile information in a digital format.
Sile O'Modhrain
Sile is an Associate Professor of Information Science at University of Michigan with over 25 years of experience in designing and prototyping haptic and tactile interfaces. She is one of a very small number of blind researchers with deep experience in this field as a researcher and as an end-user of many of the electronic braille displays currently on the market.
Brent Gillespie
Brent is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at University of Michigan with nearly 30 years of experience as a researcher in the field of haptics, designing and developing tactile displays for a range of applications including telerobotics, automotive, and medical devices and accessible interfaces for blind computer users.